Mayne Mosaic for Manufacturers.

Improve the efficiency of your production processes, manage your stocking and cutting, and improve your service levels to customers with the Mayne Mosaic System for Manufacturers including :-

-  Sales Order Processing from Sales Order through to despatch and invoicing.
-  Manage finished stock.
-  Just in Time Picking / Cutting / Despatch.
-  Automated Sales Order links via email, EDI, ftp, B2B and Web Services.
-  Full Work in Progress from Yarn Ordering through to finished stock.
-  MRP.
-  Export / Intrastat.
-  Manage Sample Orders.
-  Customer Services.
-  Email (pdf) Invoices, Statements, Order Acknowledgements.
-  Fully integrated ledgers.
-  Link to FastReact and Barco  Planning / Scheduling Systems.
-  Warehouse Automation including links to Cutting Tables, RFT’s.

Existing Customers include :

Victoria Carpets Limited,
Munster Carpets Limited,
Navan Carpets,
Brockway Carpets Limited,
Bond Worth Limited,
Curragh Tintawn Carpets Limited.
Westwood Yarns Limited.


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Customer Testimonials

"I have worked with Mayne Computer Techologies for at least 18 years. During this time I have found them to be very helpful and able to respond quickly to urgent problems as and when they arise. This is very important in the manufacturing sector as it is of utmost importance that downtime is kept to a bare minimum. This has always been the case in my dealing with M.C.T."

Mr Nigel M Lane -
Brockway Carpets

"In the 8 years of our relationship the service has been excellent, which has helped contribute to the growth of our business"

Andrew Bailey -
Greendale Carpets and Floorings

"Introduction of the MayneCS Suite has dramatically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of how our business is run"

Bill Bain -
Financial Director, Behar Carpets

"Mayne Mosaic system has transformed the running of the business after years of chasing a paper trail and confines all aspects of the business into one easy to use system"

Jarod Weaver -
Weaver Flooring Ltd

"It is important to have a pro active approach to customer relationships and with the Mayne Mosaic system we have now achieved this and we will continue to look forward to the future with Mayne Technology to enhance and improve the system further as the need and the market changes. "

David Millard
MD, Millers Specialist Flooring




Make your business more efficient with the Mayne Mosaic System


Manage production processes more efficiently and reduce wastage


Manage contractors more effectively with Mayne Mosaic system



Improve warehouse organisation and deliveries with the Mayne Mosaic system